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Мешай! ("Дуй" для ремиксов) - Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ Мешай! ("Дуй" для ремиксов)

Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ — Мешай! ("Дуй" для ремиксов) — download

Мешай! ("Дуй" для ремиксов) Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ
Мешай! ("Дуй" для ремиксов)
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Here it is. As promised.

Technical Details:
1. A lot of you asked us to replace the files that we put out on the first day with the lighter ones (wav, 16 bit 48 khz), and now they are compressed by audio tracks, so you can choose what you want without downloading everything. We did it.
2. Old files (wav, 24 bit 96 khz) are here. If you just about done downloading the 2Gb version, please follow the link.
3. Name of the file shows where exactly in time tracks are located in the composition. For example: Back_Vocals_0m29s.wav – this is a vocal that starts exactly on the 29th second of the composition. Gong_4m41s.wav – the sounds start at 4 minutes 41 seconds. And so on.
4. Cut, shred, turn it inside out, add or delete it as you see fit.
5. Save results here.

What will happen next?
1. We will listen to all the music sent to us as long as it does not exceed normal human abilities...
2. Favorites will appear in our "gallery" at "Kroogi", and at official Aquarium site.
3. If it turns out well, other tracks will be uploaded.
4. If they turn out well, may try to make a record.
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Posted by Аквариум I Борис Гребенщи... on 07 September 2011
Tags: remix
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brass.rar (3.6 MB)
brass.rar (3.6 MB)

А бас хотя бы один раз? ;)
01 May 2009 09:21 pm
я почему то не могу найти самуй главный вокал, или я может круглуй идиот и не вижу его просто? не подскажете где он?
19 Aug 2009 09:39 am
Выложите, пожалуйста бас - видно когда выкладывали - перепутали bass и brass.
16 Oct 2009 08:29 am