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List of Downloadable Files
BG - voice, guitar
B.Rubekin - Hammond B3, Yamaha Grand Piano, Fender Rhodes Mk 2, real and virtual sequencer, voices
Igor Timofeev - guitar, sax, flute and voices
O.Shar - percussion

A.Potapkin - drums

Bass - V.Kudryavzev, A.Titov, Hilaire Penda, Rory Macfarlane
Accordion - Kate St.John (4) and S.Schurakov (8)
Add. drums - C. Егоров (9)
Uillean pipes - Michael McGoldrick
Cora - Tunda Jegede
Celtic & Symphonic Harp - Skaila Kanga
Add. Percussion - Luis Jordan
Whistling - John T.
Brass - 2 Pint Band (arr. Mike Smith)
Add. Voices - Настя Полева; Aka Degrys Martin Romaric & Sony Tshilumba Kasongo

Songs by BG
Arrangement by Aquarium
Recorded on Livingston Studio (London) and Studio 601 (St.Petersburg).
Produced by Aquarium & Simon Burwell.
Recorded by James, Boris Ru и А.Докшин
Assistance and coffee - Don Clark.
Mastered at The Alchemy.

Photos - Daniel Rubinstein
Sleeve design - V. Zabavski
Book design - Colour Of Dreams

Great thanks to G&I Ruiz, without whom these songs would not be.
Thanks to V. Zherlitzyn.
Thanks to everyone at Livingston. Simon and James - many a happy pint!
Thanks to Maxim Lande and Eugeny Kolbashev.

© BG 2005
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