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Sister Chaos - Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ Сестра Хаос

Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ — Sister Chaos — download

Sister Chaos Аквариум I Борис Гребенщиков I БГ
Sister Chaos
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BG - vocals, guitars
Andrey Surotdinov - violin, alt, meliotron (2), key turn
Albert Potapkin - drums, voice (7)
Shar - percussion

Jivan Gasparyan - duduk (9)
Sevara Nazarkhyan - voice (2,3)
M.Leonidov - voice (2)
V.Yunovich - violoncello
G.Varshavsky - organ
A.Baranov - violin
I.Molokina - cello
M.Andreeva - alto
S.Berezovsky - quitar
A.Kogan - trumpet
V.Savin - trombone

All songs were written by BG, recorded by B.Rubekin and B.Istomin at 601, Dobrolete and in The Lutheran St.Elizabeth Church.
Arranged & produced by Aquarium
Mixed by Aquarium + B.Istomin
(except 2 and 5 - they are produced by A.Samsonov,
mixed by Aquarium + B.Istomin)
intro 500 by A.Samsonov/Aquarium
Mastering by A.Subbotin, "Saturday Mastering Studio" 2002

© BG2002
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